This type of sign is a functional and inexpensive way to get a message out to potential and returning clients right outside your door. A-frames come in a variety of styles and options. Lightweight metal A-frames are great when you’ll need to move them often. Wooden A-frames are more sturdy and have many personalizations to let out your creativity. Stuck in a wind tunnel? Check out the plasticade line. Each type can be filled with sand or water to keep it from lift off.


Wooden or Crezon A-frames are a great solution if your business is located in a high wind area. Wooden A-frames are much heavier than metal a-frames allowing a sturdier stand for exterior signage. They come with a plastic handle that is reinforced with a steel beam for easy transportation. Crezon is a marine grade plywood with is treated for exterior use to withstand the varying weather conditions like rain, snow and ice.


Metal A-frames are durable interior/exterior signs. Made with a black powder coated steel frame these signs offer the ability to advertise on both sides. The standard insert is a corrugated plastic but upgrades can be PVC & Aluminum. This option of A-frame is perfect for changeable copy as the inserts slide out from the top.


Plasticade A-frames are versatile sign frames, the light weight frame allows for easy transport. Though it appears to be lightweight, this doesn’t mean it’s not also a heavy duty frame. The Plasticade frame allows you to fill the plastic with either water or sand to create a heavy A-frame that will stand up to strong winds. Inserts available in Coroplast, PVC*, Aluminum*.